Saturday, April 23, 2016

The Natural You Hair Care System


I am so excited about our new line of product. When I first started formulated I remember thinking I wanted to be WOW'ed at the results. It was my goal to make each product remind me of some of my favorites over my twenty four years as a cosmetologist.

Every facet was important, the feel of it in my palms. The way it glide down the hair shaft effortless. Even more important is the way my hands felt after rinsing the product off, what it left behind. That silky velvety smoothness, the soft suppleness left even after rinsing.

To say I wanted the shampoo to cleanse without stripping offering conditioning effects that allowed for detangling. Or the conditioners to penetrate the cuticle working from the inside out to restore, nourish and fortify hair. Or that the detangler gives so much slip it melts away knots and each styling aid performs above standard, is a given.

While we are still in our testing phase, we have given our line to select naturals to try in hopes they will fall in love and The Natural You will become their staples.

We can not wait to send our babies out into the world!!!

The second phase of testing will include a second round of trials, subscribe to our blog and become one of our Naturalista and get your free sample kit.