Friday, October 31, 2008

Comme La Soie

Comme La Soie means " It's Like Silk" in french.  Two things I've always wanted to do learn to speak a foreign language(done) and create my own body lotion.
the latter was once a dream I thought unobtainable, but being a person who never  says never, this dream is now a reality. 
All things beauty course through my veins, I'm  fortunate enough to call this industry my day job. A job I would gladly perform even if I never got paid a dollar.

My desire to start Comme La Soie, was born from a need to combat my excessively dry skin. I knew I could accomplish anything I put my mind to, but when I actually formulated a bottle of lotion I danced for hours. Well,  maybe not hours but I was beaming with pride.

I couldn't wait to share my lotion with my family and friends and to my utter surprise they began to pay me actual money. I was in business. I began mixing and researching other ingredients until I had a complete line of lotions gels and scrubs. After some legal formalities Comme La Soie was born, and here we are.

The success of Comme La Soie, was overwhelming.  I received constant request to create individual signature lotions for customers and their business. Because of this I decided I want to keep the integrity of Comme La Soie, but offer a business model  that would allow me to share this wonderful product with others, while allowing them to be profitable as well.
This idea birthed  Natural Origin a botanical and organic based line of bath and body products, a direct sales division boasting the same high standards and quality products our clientele has grown to love.  We have created an opportunity for women to own a business selling a line of products they already have confidence in. Start looking out for Natural Origin's Blog we will launch in January 09.

Stop by and check out our website and continue to blog with us, I will offer specials here on our product line,advise on product purchase be it Comme La Soie or not, and keep you posted on our success. I will also feature other members of my community and their business.

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